Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 1 whole30 round3 done

I'm so itchy everywhere
My scalp
My eyes
My hands
My right crease in my arm
Behind my knees
My calves
It's bad
Gonna be a bad detox
Now I can't sleep
Please day 14 come

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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Being a wifey and mommy to a toddler is busy enough.
Add in working fulltime as a trauma RN and eating paleo and crossfitting.
It's just ongoing non stop.
I try my best.
I am suppose to crossfit three times a week.
Our box was closed due to the Hotshots 19 wod.
I had every intention in going but last night
I just couldn't sleep.
Everytime I did my toddler was crying whining. 
Very annoying.
I don't think I fully slept till 6am to 8am.
I missed the wod.
So now I rushed to get gas, get library books from my moms,
drive thru starbucks, library, and grocery target.
Finally home just in time to put toddler down for a two hour nap.
I'm gonna start dinner and just dive into this St. Augustine red wine I've been craving.
I work the next two days so I'm just gonna prep my meals and cloths.
Day 1 of Whole30 round 3 starts Sept. 2
Gotta get focused and prepared.
That's how I succeeded the last two times.
We are in the process of making a baby.
Just started a week ago. I know it doesn't happen in the first try.
Yet I will surely make my body baby ready via paleo eating and crossfit.